Once I place my order, how long does it take?

Average delivery time is about 90 days, depending upon the complexity of the order. Planning ahead is the smart thing to do.

Does my cemetery require certain types of memorials?

The vast majority of cemeteries have very specific rules for the size, shape, and even sometimes the colour of their memorials. We have worked with lots of cemeteries in the North East, just contact us with your questions. We are familiar with almost all of their individual requirements.

Can I have anything I want carved on my memorial?

Absolutely, because Rose Memorials will make it just the way you want. Whether it is a simple, traditional design or something simply outrageous, we will personalise your memorial with custom carvings, etchings and emblems. It will be just the way you want.

I’ve noticed that some memorials look much better than others, why is that?

All memorials begin the same as a blank piece of the highest quality granite, marble or stone. It is the craftsmanship and talent of the artisans that make the difference. Our highly experienced stone masons & sculptors produce consistently outstanding work. With Rose Memorials you get the very best.

How do I get to see my choices and place my order?

For your convenience, “we come to you”. In the comfort & privacy of your home, alongside your family, you will see the largest selection of designs, shapes, and colours. We bring hundreds of ideas and years of experience to your door. Why drive all over the place?

Why should I choose Rose Memorials?

Something as important as your memorial should not be entrusted to someone who does it part-time, such as a funeral home. They simply do not have the experience. Whilst some established cemeteries and other retailers do have the experience, they know most people have never done this before and unfortunately their prices all to often reflect this! Don’t just write a cheque without shopping around. Rose Memorials specialises in the creation of quality, bespoke memorials and our prices are extremely competitive. With us, you can afford the very best!